A group of rusted robots set out for another day cleaning up the grime and slime left by the sleek and shiny droids from Droid City. Often bullied, our robots find out that they along with all the other droids in Droid City are being controlled by an enslaving device mounted as a badge on their chests. After a struggle, our robots manage to break off the devices and embark on a risky journey to escape from the Destrucdroids and their leader Luci, the Mayor of Droid City. Now free the four droids follow some information to find a broadcast station where they find a little, deactivated droid. After restoring her the droids quickly realize that they are a part of something bigger, they were created with a very specific protocol. That protocol is to investigate all the amazing things God has done for humans and ultimately tell all the children of the world about Jesus Christ and the love He has for them. These are the adventures of the MIPD (Miracle Investigation Protocol Droids).

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Sometimes we are referred to Curious Kingdom Publishing (curiouskingdom.com) or Kurious Kingdom Publishing. But it is specifically K-U-R-I-O-S. The word Kurios means, ‘Lord’, ‘the Lord’ or as in our cases ‘the Lord’s’.

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