Kurios Kingdom Publishing’s (K2) base of operations is located in rural south-east Manitoba (Canada) just outside of the small community of South Junction, on a beautiful fifty-acre homestead. In this rural setting, we find inspiration from God’s creation to inspire and point people towards God.

At K2 we are dedicated to empowering families to support others as they invest in their families. We do this by sharing a portion of the profits with ministries that work with people of similar demographic to the target market of that book. For example, our “I’m a Boy” book is written for boys ages 5-8 and $1 from every sale go to Midway Bible Camp in Northern Manitoba. Midway Bible Camp reaches out to children that are marginalized and pushed out of society to live on First Nation’s Reserves.

…to open every day of every life to the Gospel of Jesus Christ




Director Of Executive Realization

Can’t stop being creative. With diverse experience with youth and children (as a Youth Pastor, Camp director and youth missionary), a BA in Christian studies,  and creativity flowing through every vein in his body Peter has been able to sell teach 3D animation, Canvas painting and a variety of other graphic media. Can’t stop now.

Oh and yes, he caught that fish with his bare hands!



CFO | Administrator

Without Kristin, none of this would have ever happened. Married to Peter in 2003, Kristin, survived Bible college with Peter, collecting her own BA degree. Her creativity is as diverse as support for Peter. Using her music gifts in addition to her drawing skills she is the key supporting pillar of Kurios Kingdom and she is great with numbers!

Advisory Team

The Behind the Scenes People

An amazing group of individuals willing to support the vision through directional support!



Graphic Designer & Youth Pastor



BA in Education & Missionary



Ph.D. English Literature & Published Author



Self Published Author



Avid Reader & Published Author



Controlling Officer – $7MM annually


Our business is changing the world for Christ! We are dedicated to doing things in a different way, distinct from the secular business model. We do this by directly supporting and promoting specific demographics of people in need and caring for the people around us, including our staff.

Directly supporting

For each project or product we make, there is a very intentional connection of that creation to, first of all, worshiping God through the creation process and, second of all, using those project to support a specific ministry based on demographics. A ministry is assigned to each product and there is specific splash page or promotional section that focuses on awareness of the demographics of those in need which that ministry provides care for. This is not a section directly promoting those ministries but rather focusing on assisting those in need. 

Ways we support Ministry & Mission

  • Direct funding

    This is direct funding from the selling price of the book that leaves our facility. This is designed to support the ministries addressing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

  • Product Support

    Our goal is to be able to supply brand new books, animations and other media to children that they may never be able to afford on their own.

  • Support Missions Trips

    As a part of doing things differently we work closely with the ministries we support and occasionally arrange for teams from Kurios Kingdom Publishing to make a trip to the location that that ministry works specifically to support those ministering.

  • Ministry Promotion

    One of the other ways we will support ministry is by creating awareness of the needs through our website. This includes prayer request, Ministry positions that need to be filled and just simply audience awareness.

Get Involved

If you are a ministry looking for support visit our Partner page or if you have a unique idea of ways we can support a ministry feel free to send us a message through our Contact Us.


Thank you for being a part of a new way of empowering ministries to do the front line work that is changing lives every day.

Our Core Values

The Word of God

The Bible is our guide, giving direction and purpose behind all of what we do. Finding means to express the Good News of Jesus Christ as well as exercising business rooted and governed by the Bible is at the very heart of what we do!

Honesty & Integrity

The people within our company are here to promote Christ through their lives.  Our Company is designed to reflect the heart of our people and thus Honesty & Integrity are an expectation that must permeate through everything we do.

Restoration & Resolution

In Christ we live and expect our business to practice to show how we live. Our goal is to build people up in encouragement and in Christ. And even when disagreements occur we are dilligent to prepare to respond as Christ would, in Love!

Investing in Ministries

Investing in Christ’s Mission in order to reinvest in Christ’ Mission. This does not just means using profits to put back into the company to further the mission. This also means taking a portion of the profits and using them pour into other missions and ministries that reach similar demographics as our books.

Creativity as Worship

Encouraging and promoting worship through creativity is a big part of what we do and desire. Although it is counter cultural it is our belief that worship is not as much an expression of ourselves as it is an expression of who God is. Therefore our motif is that Worship is an expression of Who God is.

Big & Beyond

Just as our God is Big and Beyond, at Kurios Kingdom Publishing we believe that no dream is too small to dream, and no dream is impossible when it is in line with the Holy Spirit’s working. That being said, as a company some time hard decisions will have to be made as in every other part of life, saying yes to something often means saying no to something else.


Our name is rooted in the Greek language that was used to write the New Testament. The word Kurios means, ‘Lord’, ‘the Lord’ or in some cases as in ours ‘the Lord’s’. But in the uniqueness of this there is something that we don’t recognized and holds many things we don’t understand in modern day. Christ is no more or less if we worship Him or not. He is the King whether we exalt him as that or not. Calling Christ Kurios (the Lord) does in no way change who he is, and this is how the disciples would have understood it. That by calling Him Kurios it was far more a means of humbling themselves. These leaves us with many, many principles that guide our lives in Christ.