Introducting MIPD

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Introducing the MIPD 

You’ll have to get the book to find out what the MIPD means.

Been too quiet. But something is still happening. I just finished the cover to our first book in the MIPD series. This series is base on several robots who were crafted by Professor Puddintov to tell children about the good news of Jesus Christ and explore all the cool things the God has made. It is designed to explore many things often written off to science or history or other things and less often attributed to God. These robots explore this all and broadcast their findings to the children. Of course this is not without it’s share of troubles as the Destrucdroids are constantly trying to stop them from sharing the good news.

Manuscript has been edited and review, just taking the time to put together the full compliment of illustrations. Second manuscript is being edited as I type. slow and steady. We will proceed with out official launch of sales once we have enough titles to properly launch with substance and gusto! and yes I just used the word Gusto!!!!

Take a look at the cover. Figure your pre-teen might want to read this book?


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